Easy to use

Lenders and lessors who use a software system that minimises the amount of work required grow their business much quicker than those that don't. So why not concentrate on what you do best - lend money!

With everything available with just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll find the Min-IT Lending System has been designed to make life easier. No wading through screen upon screen as with other systems, it’s all highly intuitive – but just in case you do need assistance, there’s easy to use help files or you can call us for support.

Dependent on the action selected, letters are produced automatically or the user is prompted to enter comments or reasons for taking no action. Bring up reminders are easily created. All letters are hyperlinked so that you can retrieve the information and republish at any stage.

As a lender, vendor financier, originator, or lessor, you’ll find the Min-it Lending System adds up to being able to run your business more efficiently, with less staff.