Credit Control

The Min-it Lending System has an easy to use credit control feature that enables you to effectively manage overdue accounts. Based around a daily "To Do" List, users are alerted to what action is required each day.

Depending on the state of the account, overdue letters ranging from mild reminders, sterner arrears demands through to Default Notices and pre-possession and repossession authorities can be created. The Min-it Lending System comes complete with a comprehensive list of letters, contract and other documents such as statements.

From the moment a payment is missed or dishonoured, you are prompted to action. Whether you decide to send a letter or phone and make suitable arrangements, the system records your action. If no action is taken, the entry remains there until you act. Any contractual penalties can be easily applied if required.

There’s a comprehensive range of reports and because of the way the system has been designed, you can report down to the smallest detail.