Credit Contract Types

The Min-it Lender System handles the following credit contract types:

Consumer (Credit Code Compliant):

  • Continuing Credit
  • Small Amount Credit (“SACC”)
  • Principal & Interest (“MACC” and above)
  • Interest Free (Fee-based)
  • Single Repayment Loans
  • Straight-Line Interest

Business (non-regulated) Loans

  • Principal & Interest
  • Capitalised Interest
  • Interest Only in Arrears
  • Interest Only in Advance
  • Single Repayment Loans
  • Invoice Discounting Business Loans

Consumer Leases (Credit Code Compliant):

  • Goods (rental) leases (Whiteware, Brownware, etc.)

Other Products:

  • Cheque Cashing

Other loan and lease types may be added in the future.

Note: Business loan and lease Contracts and New Zealand specific contracts are not provided as part of the system rental fee.