ASIC industry funding levies

As an industry representative, there’s been very little information on ASIC’s new levies and so the following should be of interest to ACL holders.

If you recall, ASIC wrote to all entities subject to the industry funding arrangements in July 2018 to advise them of the process and their obligations (i.e. to create a portal account and submit/review their metric information).

I’ve been advised today that ASIC will issue it’s industry levy invoices directly to those affected in late January 2019. This are the invoices you’d normally be asked to pay when renewing your ACL. The invoices will be based on the information disclosed in the legislative instruments to be tabled in Parliament today (26/11/2018).

The invoices will be available for you to download on ASIC’s regulatory portal. I’d suggest almost all ACL holders will have access to this but if you don’t have a regulatory portal account, you can create one. Alternatively ASIC will issue its invoice to your registered office. Apparently for security reasons, ASIC will not issue industry funding invoices by email.

If you wish to stay up-to-date on this matter, you can subscribe to ASIC’s industry funding updates by going here.

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